Harak Singh is harried

December 27 2011

The Congress may be confident in the Uttarakhand elections this time, but Opposition leader of the Congress Harak Singh Rawat is worried and shocked that he isn’t getting the seat he wants to contest the elections. Rawat is the current Assembly member of Landsdowne. But this time, the father of Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha Major TPS Rawat has proclaimed war against Harak Singh. TPS had quit the Congress and joined the BJP and then had quit the BJP and formed a party of retired armed forces officials. The major has proudly announced that he will personally pose a challenge to Harak Singh from Landsdowne and contest the elections from there. Looking for a safer seat, Harak Singh looked at Shrinagar, but before the Opposition leader could have settled down there, Satpal Maharaj announced that his protégé and former Assembly member Dhaundiyal will contest the elections from there. With no more choices, Harak Singh has now moved towards Doiwala for a decent safe seat. Initially, the Doiwala seat was under the Hardwar Parliamentary Area, but is now a part of the Dehradun Parliamentary Area. An alert Harak Singh is now trying to keep an ear out for opponents advancing.

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