The family is upset with Swamy

November 11 2013

Something is brewing between Sharad Pawar and the BJP. It is believed that Pawar called a prominent leader of the BJP and made his displeasure known about Subramanuium Swamy getting a Lok Sabha ticket from Mumbai. The BJP wants to launch Swamy from a well-known seat in Mumbai; Swamy has been a Parliamentarian from a Mumbai seat before. Pawar and Swamy’s fight is regarding the politics of cricket; Swamy has personal relations with BCCI head N Srinivasan – both are Tamil Brahmins. So in opposition of Pawar’s wishes, Swamy called up Goa’s BJP chief minister Manohar Panicker and had Goa’s Cricket Board vote for Srinivasan. This is eating up Pawar and he is said to be mighty upset about it.

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