Kalmadi’s tomorrow seems to be bleak

May 01 2011

“… Waqt hota hai bewafa yaaron/ aadmi bewafa nahi hota/ wo bhi manzil ki baat kartein hain/ jinko apna pata nahi hota.” Did Suresh Kalmadi ever imagine that he would fall upon such times and someone would throw shoes at him? On the day of the arrest when SBI officials took him to a small room for interrogation, there were just three chairs and a small stool. As he sat on the stool, Kalmadi said he wanted to speak to Sonia Gandhi… The SP present there gave him such a scolding that Kalmadi broke into cold sweat. The first round of questioning was over, and the three men sitting on the chair left. Poor Kalmadi sat on the stool waiting for them to return. But the officials didn’t return and all that he could hear was the sounds of his troubles approaching. The circumstances say that for now getting a bail may not be easy.

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