Sonia might get the General challenge

July 29 2013

Former Army Chief General V K Singh may contest from the Rae Bareilly seat from BJP’s ticket during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and pose a big challenge for Sonia Gandhi. Sources reveal that the General has met the former BJP President Nitin Gadkari three times and the present BJP President Rajnath Singh twice regarding the matter. The strategist for the entire move is said to be Gadkari and it is being said that he wants to even out scores with Sonia with this one move. Gadkari feels that the present spate of legal cases against him have all been carried out on Sonia’s behest. It is believed that Gadkari has even sought Modi’s consent to have V K Singh contest from Rae Bareilly. Actually, Modi also wants to frame Sonia on her own turf and wants that she should be so tied up with Rae Bareilly that she does not get to campaign too much in other constituencies. The General himself was keen of contesting the election from Bhiwani in Haryana, but the BJP strategists made him understand that Rae Bareilly is a constituency with a Thakur majority, and of the five Assembly constituencies in the area, at least three have the Thakur opinion holding sway. For instance, the Rae Bareilly Sadar seat, where apart from Thakurs, the Brahmin votes also have weightage, may have a pro-BJP stance. The second is Saraini, which also includes the Dalmau Vidhan Sabha area and where Thakurs have a majority. The third seat is Harchandpur, which includes Saraini Vidhan Sabha areas also, which is again a seat with a lot of clout from Thakur, Lodh, Brahmin and Yadav. Another news that is doing the round is that Sonia may not even contest the elections this time owing to her health. The other news is that instead of Sonia, Priyanka may contest the elections from Rae Bareilly constituency as well as Sultanpur seat. If that happens, the BJP will have to change its strategy.

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