Saiyan bhaye kotwal ab dar kahe ka

May 07 2012

A breakup with actress Preity Zinta took Nusli Wadia’s son Ness Wadia to a yoga ashram in Munger in Bihar. He was seen doing yoga and meditating regularly at the Bihar School of Yoga Ashram a few days ago. On the other hand, Preity headed for Harvard a few days before IPL 5 took off. He joined a summer programme at a business management at the college to understand the bigger picture and intricacies of a business. It is worth mentioning here that Ness had bought the Kings Eleven Punjab team for his then girlfriend Preity and is also a co-owner of the team. Both of them are still not agreeing about the ownership of the team. And ever since Rajiv Shukla, the current chairman of IPL, has been given the responsibility of settling the matter, Preity is overjoyed since she has a close friendship with him. After all, saiyan bhaye kotwal to fir dar kahe ka.

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