Sushma to beat the Congress through tweets

August 10 2013

Opposition Leader in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj wants to clear her party’s name in the uproar that it is the BJP that is now allowing the Parliament to function. Sushma has decided that she will instantly tweet and let the people know in case the workings of the House are disrupted, why they were disrupted and who was at fault. The minute the Parliament was adjourned on Thursday, Sushma tweeted, “The Lok Sabha has been adjourned because Cong (sic) members were constantly disrupting the proceedings.” On Wednesday, Sushma asked in her tweet, “Who disrupts the Parliament?” On Monday, as soon as the Monsoon Session of the Parliament started, Sushma’s tweet was, “Lok Sabha could not transact any business because Congress MPs from Andhra disrupted the proceedings.” This goes on to show how Sushma has learnt to use her Twitter handle as the biggest weapon to express herself.

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