Sushil Modi will be under the scanner too

July 24 2010

Bihar’s highly ambitious Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi’s political career looks like it will plunge with the recent NGO scam. Even the BJP and the Sangh Parivar is petrified with the aggressive behaviour the Patna High Court about the whole thing. Sushil has been accused of illegally making profits for his pet NGO “Samadhan Seva Samiti:. Sushil have nearly Rs 4 crore as an advance from the state’s four district offices to the NGO to convert dry-technique toilets into water-using toilets under the minimum money cleanliness scheme. In 2007, the NGO’s balance sheet shows that it merely Rs 1,05,000. And in 2007-08, the NGO fudged its balance sheets by showing a bogus loan of Rs 8 lakh and 11 thousand. Taking it forward from a petition filed by the International Human Rights Foundation, the Patna High Court has not only set up a committee to look into the matter but has also forwarded it to the vigilance section. Bihar is due to go for Vidhan Sabha elections soon and such incidents might be the death knell for the BJP party, which is trying its best to change its reputation.

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