Sudarshan’s true colours

November 14 2010

Former Sangh president Sudarshan’s verbal porings have created quite a stir. Congress’s queen bee’s supporters are in a frenzy and are calling demonstrations and rallies throughout India. The biggies on Congress were oblivious of the interview given by Sudarshan to a newspaper in Madhya Pradesh until the BJP’s Advani Brigade gave wind of the thing. Everyone knows how the both have never gotten along. Before the house started, S S Ahluvalia and Maya Singh were seen to be on an overdrive. If sources are to be believed, both of them moved around the house and told Congress politicians and Parliamentarians about how in a certain newspaper, Sudarshan has made remarks about “madam”. In a hurry, Congress asked for the newspaper from the Parliament library and then got excited about the entire thing. So respected Mr Ironman, “Tere rehte he luta hai chaman bagwa, kaise maan loon kit era ishara na tha”.

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