PC’s pangs

December 11 2011

Until when can you postpone the inevitable? And how long will P Chidambaram be safe from the Opposition’s attacks? The Opposition is boycotting him in the Parliament, and a certain Swamy is going all out talking against him. There are two witnesses against him in the court, and several secrets are buried deep inside the 2G scam, all of which can decide Chidambaram’s future. He is fighting the battle of his life. He is being supported in this fight by two big English dailies. A prominent south Indian English Delhi is also going all out to glorify him. As a lawyer, he also has a good network in the judiciary. A corporate lawyer, he has also been the finance minister, and so he shares a good camaraderie with a lot of people from the corporate world. Despite all this, it will not be easy for PC to come out unscathed because the Opposition is all aggression in its attack on him.

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