The CBI-IB tiff

August 17 2013

Swords between the CBI and the IB continue to remain drawn. Both agencies are unwilling to return them to their sheaths. Until now this tussle was visible only at the lower level of the organisations. At present, the IB has prepared dossiers against CBI officers with news against them. These are updated timely, and those are who have been pestered by the CBI are giving updates and information confidentially to the IB. Sources reveal that the IB is pretty upset about the fact that the officers at CBI, on the pretext of questioning IB’s Special Director Rajendra Kumar, took away the entire manual for encrypting code. That means, details of what information came from the Gujarat field, who were the informers, what was the compensation given to them in exchange for the information, all this information and more has been duly noted under CRPC Act 161. Which means anyone can see them now, and when asked by the court, there will be to be answers in reference to the same. Which means all the information by the secret service is now on the verge of going into public domain. Now another case about a DCP from the IB is coming to light. He was recently summoned by the police for questioning. All in all, the IB-CBI tussle is not going to end anytime soon.

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