Singh-Hashmi’s pair

May 15 2011

For the Congress in Assam, the Digvijay Singh-Parvez Hashmi pair has proved to be lucky. Where Digvijay has appeared as a new sympathiser of the Muslims, Hashmi’s image is that of a relatively generous leader. He is especially popular with the Hindu voters. His wife is also from a Hindu Brahmin family. The credit to push Hashmi more into politics goes to none other than Ahmed Patel, where as the differences between Patel and Singh are known to all. In such a scenario, Hashmi has emerged as a player who has, so far, managed to maintain a balance between two polar opposites and has been able to bring Ahmed and Digvijay close to each other to a large extent. This Hashmi-Digvijay pair is also one of those close to Rahul and they are also working on Rahul’s “UP Mission 2012”. It will be interesting to see if the pair repeats the Assam magic in UP as well.

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