Singhvi’s singham

December 20 2012

Abhishek Manu Singhvi recently met Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and presented his case before them. It is believed that he told them the entire details about his alleged CS to the mother and son. He became a little emotional while talking to Sonia about the scam. Sonia told him, “I have the best of top degrees, but I believe my education is incomplete. The greatest degree in life is awarded by the university of adversity.” After that Singhvi presented the CFSL report that supports the theory of the CD being tampered with. Singhvi also placed his side of the story to Rahul, too, and said that even if the CD was real, why is it wrong, if the act was between to consenting adults. Singhvi also presented the names of two lawyer politicians who had framed him in the CD scam. It is believed that Sonia had her core committee investigate what Singhvi had to say in his defence. Only after the committee cleared his name and said he was innocent did he get his post back as the spokesperson.

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