Singhal’s Modi connection

August 25 2013

VHP leader Ashok Singhal seems to have woken up after 23 years and he has decided to initiative a “84 kos parikrama” in favour of Hinduism and to talk in favour of Narendra Modi. It is said that this plan has, consciously or unconsciously, the support of Mulayam Singh Yadav, too. The heart of the matter is that both the BJP and the SP wants votes to be polarised in UP. And the VHP brouhaha will also suit Mulayam and Co especially at this time when attention can be diverted from the way Akhilesh is running the government. Ashok Singh feels obligated because of the many favours Narendra Modi has done for Singh and his late brother. After Modi came to power in Gujarat, he helped a great deal in Singhal Brothers’ business flourishing and even helped in their assembly unit being formed in the state. It’s payback time today and Singhal has decided to stage the entire drama with the intentions of make Modi appear as a Hindu hero. When BJP’s UP secretary Amit Shah went to Faizabad, UP, the final touches to the planning to the yatra were made then itself. Thereafter, the VHP let the plan be known to the Sant Samaj in Allahabad and Hardwar through Baba Ramdev’s ashrams. On his behalf, Modi didn’t let the paucity of money come in the way of the planning.

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