A saree affair

April 04 2010

There is no parallel to Gadkari in narrating an incident like a true narrative. When designer and a find of India from Pramod Mahajan’s stable Shaina N.C. went to meet him, Gadkari began talking about a self help group of his. Gadkari told Shaina that in this organisation
it is the women who make the sarees. Without wasting the opportunity, N.C. immediately offered to design these sarees now. When the matter reached the ears of former dream girl Hema Malini, she expressed her desire to walk the ramp in these designer sarees and in Vani Tripathi, these sarees also got a big buyer. It is said that Vani used to now and then visit the Mumbai office of BJP in such sarees and look at the coincidence that all these madams have got a place in Gadkari’s team. Laud the saree management of this management guru.

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