It’s all about numbers, honey

December 04 2011

The FDI issue in retail area has brought about a storm in Indian politics. There is such a stand-off between the government and the Opposition that people can actually sense mid-term elections approaching. The BJP-led Opposition was once ahead in the race; it is believed that it has the support of 295 Lok Sabha members for raising its voice against FDI – all in all, the tables has turned so drastically that the Manmohan Singh government could have fallen flat on its face. At such a time, Congress’ Mr fix-its sprung to action and the exercise to pacify UPA’s coalition parties such as Trinamool and DMK started. The Congress managers managed to get Karunanidhi around easily, but Mamata won’t relent. With great difficulty, she is being persuaded to agree that if there is a vote against FDI in the Parliament, Trinamool will be absent. The DMK will also mark its absence, since the idea was the party’s itself. Out of the Parliament, both the DMK and Trinamool will continue to speak against the FDI. The Congress wants that too, so that the Parliamentary proceedings are disrupted until it reaches the magical 272 number.

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