Sabse bada khiladi

September 26 2011

Rajiv Shukla is IPL’s new chairman and he intends to clean the tarnished image the brand has. For starters, he is busy making a directions and orders list for the IPL and the franchisees. First, only nine teams will take part in IPL. Shukla himself may be fond of Page 3 parties, but is against the necessity of having late night parties thrown by franchisees which also invited the players. He is of the opinion that such late night parties affect the performance of the players. So they can’t force the players to be a part of such dos. He is also busy making the commencing ceremony colourful and a gala one. It will be held in Chennai and Shukla wants that the ceremony should be of the same scale as the Commonwealth or Olympics. He is busy invited tenders and applications from Indian and foreign event management companies for the same. He is all out to prove that he is a master of all trades.

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