SP’s new Amar Singh

October 06 2013

The SP has found a new Amar Singh in Naresh Aggarwal. He not only has several friends in other political parties, he doesn’t like to hide that fact from anyone either. This October on his birthday, Aggarwal organised a grand party at his residence in Hardoi. The event was marked by the presence of several political party leaders. The most shocking presence was that of Central Parliament state minister Rajiv Shukla. He cancelled his prior appointments for the day in Delhi and took a chartered flight to Hardoi with Ashok Chaturvedi who was once assistant to Amar Singh. He also had a great time laughing it up at the jokes of Raju Srivastava, who has been announced as the SP candidate from Kanpur. Earlier, too, pictures were all over the media with Srivastava and Naresh Aggarwal hand-in-hand with each other. Like Naresh Aggarwal, Rajiv Shukla, too, doesn’t believe in the political caste system and thus has good friends from parties such as the BJP, BSP and the SP.

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