SP may change its candidates

July 29 2013

The SP has announced his candidates for almost all constituencies in UP. So now the party is going through the phase of analysis meetings. Chaired by Netaji and in the presence of Chief Minister Akhilesh, six such meetings have taken place so far, and there have been some serious discussions about the 57 Look Sabha seats in UP. Every time the meeting was organised and a particular constituency to be discussed, the SP Zila Adhyaksha, the Lok Sabha candidate, and all those candidates who have won or lost from the constituency, as well as SP leaders at the level of Panchayat were present at the meeting. At the meetings, Netaji was seen having open discussions with his party post-holders about the constituencies and the candidate who was chosen for the seat was also given a chance to place his views; he would reserve his opinion about the candidate for the constituency. It goes without saying that after such analysis meetings, the heartbeats of the candidates have increased, because at the last minute, Netaji may use his veto power and replace the candidate with someone else.

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