Power and pangs

September 14 2009

With times Lalu Prasad has also changed. Now humility has taken the place of arrogance in him. Lalu who once used to wait for the others to make the initial moves, now himself asks others about their well being. Ever since he has lost his office in Parliament, he also appears a bit remorse-stricken in the House. Even AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa looks forlorn. Because in these elections, even from her party only seven MPs got elected to Parliament. Therefore while once their members used to be chairmen of two permanent House committees – Science and Technology, and Forests and Environment – now Jayalalithaa’s party also has little left to do. In such times, BSP supremo Mayawati is making hay. Recently, on the basis of the party’s representation in Rajya Sabha, the party got the chairmanship of the permanent committee of the Industries Ministry. The elephant is no wonder having a field day.

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