Tehelka should try harder

December 01 2013

The Tehelka journalist who was molested comes from a well-educated family. Her father has also been a well-known journalist and Tarun Tejpal is considered to be one of his close friends. This woman journalist always gave Tejpal due respect as her father’s friend. But the Goa incident has shaken her up to such an extent that she is taking every step with much deliberation. For instance, she recorded all the phone calls that she got after the incident. One of these conversations is with NDTV’s well-known journalist Srinivasan Jain. Also available is her conversation with Shoma Choudhury, where Shoma is telling the journalist, “Tarun is a handsome man, you shouldn’t mind coy with him.” The journalist has given a CD of all the recorded conversations to the Goa police.

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