Suspicions about Sri Lanka

March 25 2012

The foreign ministry is worried about Sri Lanka. The officials in the ministry feel that it was a wrong decision to pass a censure motion by the United Nations about the war crime in Sri Lanka. It is worth mentioning that China had voted against the motion, while India and the US had voted for the motion, which has upset Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s reasoning is that the war crimes didn’t occur against Tamilians but only the LTTE. At the same time, DMK, supporting the Central government had threatened the government with taking back its support to the government and recall its ministers if it did not vote in favour of the censure motion in the UN. For the government it was a tricky situation since it neither wants to upset the US nor its ally party the DMK. The President elections are round the corner, and the Congress doesn’t want to take any risks with any of its coalition parties.

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