Holding a mirror to others

March 16 2010

Congress MP Rajiv Shukla is also starting a new political innings these days with somewhat changed looks and expressions. It is known to all how much Shukla is given to page 3 parties. But this time when he delivered his much talked about speech in Rajya Sabha his focus primarily was on waste food and wasteland management. Shukla raised the question that now when the country is grappling with the issue of shortage of grains, how can large scale wastage of food be permitted in big weddings and parties. On the one side so many people in the country are on the verge of starvation and the grains are so expensive, and on the other lakhs of parties are hostel every day in
the country and so many thousand quintals of food is also wasted in five star hotels, but we are unable to do anything because there is no arrangement for waste food management. The Central and State Governments would have to think about this. Despite his known friendship with Mukesh Ambani, Rajiv Shukla also insisted that in future cultivable agricultural land should not be allotted for any new SEZ or housing project because in this country even today 27 per cent of the land is barren and for such projects such barren land only should be used.

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