Shukla’s dinner diplomacy

August 15 2010

Tired to everyday chaos and disturbances in the Parliament everyday, the Congress has resorted to dinner diplomacy. And since the Congress is in minority in the Rajya Sabha, this dinner was hosted by Rajya Sabha member Rajiv Shukla who is emerging as the new player in politics. He hosted this dinner at the park adjacent to his house in Lodhi Street. It was one of those days when the rains were partial to Delhi. But the dinner was attended by the vice-president, home minister and several Cabinet ministers of the Manmohan Singh government. There were several Supreme Court judges as well as Motilal Vohra, Ahmed Patel and Montek Singh Ahluvalia. From among the opposition leaders Mulayam Singh Yadav, Arun Jaitley, Ram Vilas Paswan, Ajit Singh, Kanhimozhi and Supriya Sule were present. Apart from this, BSP, SP, JD(U), BJP, DMK, Annadramuk, TDP member were also present in big numbers. How much ice has broken among the politicians from the warmth of the dinner will only be clear from the future days that pass in the Parliament.

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