Sibal in place of Sheila

October 19 2010

This column has already mentioned how there will be proper probe on all the scams and scandals regarding the Commonwealth Games after the tournament is over. It’s come true. The prime minister has set up a committee for the same, which will submit its report in the next three months. Not only the small fry but the big fish might also be caught in the net. The needle of suspicion is not only pointing towards Kalmadi and Bhanot but also at Sheila Dixit and Delhi’s Lt governor. He may not get another extension and Kapil Sibal is being considered for Dixit’s post. The winter session of the Parliament is due to start on November 8 and the BJP is all set to corner the Congress about corruption charges at the Commonwealth Games. The Congress high command, as a result, is in no mood to forgive anyone, no matter what the post.

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