Sangh with Soren

May 07 2010

If something has again started cooking between BJP and Shibu Soren then consider this to be sponsored by the Sangh. While the Sangh leadership is not a big supporter of Soren, but out of compulsion they too understand the utility of Soren. In the Hindi-speaking belt Jharkhand is one State where the Christian missionaries are really
thriving and the pace of conversion is quite rapid here. But Guruji, who is known for his rebellious nature, never quite appreciated this business of the Christian missionaries and he has always opposed these conversions. This is the only thing which brings Soren and Sangh together. So when the Sangh cracked the whip, the saffron party was compelled to take a U-turn. BJP could only say to the Sangh leadership that at least the cross voting should be stopped.

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