Shah’s sighing

October 28 2010

Gujarat’s former home minister’s troubles just don’t seem to end. For now he is locked up in the state’s Sabarmati Prison. And since the state government is BJP ruled, there is no dearth of making him as comfortable as it can possibly get. Although Shah doesn’t have a mobile phone, he can talk to who ever he wants – family, political associates and even Narendra Modi himself. He managed to speak from the phones of his visitors — if they are VIPs – or often from the phones of police officials. He would speak at length with his lawyer. The CBI was very concerned because of this and found a way out. Indian intelligence agencies have recently ordered a special phone tapping instrument from Israel that is the same shape as a briefcase and can be connected to any car battery and can tap at least a dozen phones –mobile as well as landline – for a considerable distance. The CNI has allegedly taped several of Shah’s conversations this way and if he forwards a bail plea to the court, the CBI can put forward the phone conversations as another proof. Shah could face more difficulties trying to get bail now.

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