Being Shah Rukh

April 22 2010

Few people would know that apart from Hindi, English and Urdu, Shah Rukh also knows Sanskrit. Shah Rukh worked for several years with the Rajinder Nagar Ramlila group in Delhi. Shah Rukh wants that his
children, a boy and a girl, who at present are studying in Neeta Ambani’s school, should also excel in learning Sanskrit. So he and Gauri are these days looking for a Sanskrit teacher for their children. Even otherwise Shah Rukh’s father was an old time Congress person and he was also OSD to the erstwhile Irrigation Minister in the
Indira Gandhi cabinet. Shah Rukh’s mother was also counted among those close to Indira. Not only did Indira make her a magistrate during her rule, but she also got her allotted an oil depot. Shah Rukh’s late father had come to India from Peshawar, and his in-laws also have a Pakistan connection, his mother-in-law Champa Tiwari is a Pandit from
Faisalabad. But though Shah Rukh has received no matter how many invitations from Pakistan, he has never turned that way. Perhaps this is why he has remained the Shah Rukh that he is.

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