Amma upset with Shankaracharya

November 25 2013

Jayalalithaa is ready to once again put Kanchimath’s Shankaracharya in a spot. The court is going to come out with a ruling on the Shankar Raman matter soon. If the ruling goes in favour of Shankaracharya, Jayalalithaa will come up with some other matters to frame Kanchimath. He could get Kanchimath in trouble about the funds that organisation gets from abroad. If the court’s ruling goes against Shankaracharya, he would have to continue staying in jail.

  1. Tisaiyan Says:

    I believe you Gossipguru. But still, I do not see any reason why she would do that at this point in time. She has given a much better governance than the Corrupt Karunanidhi. At this point in time, with elections around the corner, if she lays her hands on Shankaracharya, she will ruin her chances.

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