What an idea, Rahul ji?

December 20 2009

About 17 MLAs of Samajwadi Party are prepared to change camp, the cycle ride no longer appeals to them, the hand of the Congress is also prepared to lap them up, but there is a catch. If these MLAs shift loyalties now then under the anti-defection law their membership of the Assembly could be suspended, so what are they to do? Four of these MLAs had met Rahul recently. Rahul has promised to give them respectable posts in the party and together they have also stitched up a strategy on when they would join the Congress. So listen, whenever any elections to the Rajya Sabha are held in U.P. then these 17 MLAs would defy the whip and vote in favour of the Congress candidate. Clearly the party would expel them and in such a scenario their membership of the Assembly would remain and the path for their going into the Congress would be cleared.

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