A fair division

March 16 2010

Everyone knows that Mamta and Brinda Karat cannot see eye to eye. So the manner in which Brinda, who dons a large bindi, hogged the limelight because of the way in which the Women’s Reservation Bill was
passed in Rajya Sabha, and the style in which she took the centrestage on the issue and the way in which an excited Brinda hugged the saffron party leader Sushma Swaraj and posed for the camerapersons after the Bill was passed, was enough to leave Mamta perturbed. So she took all her anger out on the Women’s Bill. So while on the one hand Brinda Karat lauded the role played by the marshals in Rajya Sabha, Mamta
criticised the manner in which they were used. So no matter how, there is always a reason to protest. What say, Mamta didi?

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