What’s the truth behind Wikileaks?

March 22 2011

It’s the season of Holi and political hues abound. If there’s so much that is false in Wikileaks, then why are so many cases registered against its founder Assange? For Manmohan Singh, denying Wikileaks information is like saying he is not controlled by the powers that be at 10, Janpath. The Hindu knew about these cables three months ago, then why were they revealed now? That’s because elections are due in five states and the editor of the newspaper N Ram is said to be close to the Communist Party and is often heard advocating a balanced society. So now, when the Wikileaks cables have leaked, the egg will be on Congress’ face and the Communist Party may stand to gain in states such as West Bengal and Kerala. At least that’s what N Ram is gunning for.

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