Varun’s rally, Sushma’s hues

April 01 2011

The Sangh has made UP elections a matter of honour. As a result, the BJP is busy waking up its saffron cadre and as a result, the party’s dependency on the Sangh is increasing. Every district in the state is getting 35 dedicated party members who will play a significant role in the elections. Party president Gadkari has already pointed out how important the UP elections are to him. So in reply to Rahul’s Mission 2012, the party is launching firebrand Varun Gandhi. This is unusual, considering the party and Varun were going through a cool period, but Gadkari is trying to bridge that gap since the party knows that where party-organised rallies are proving to be a dud in the state, those called by Varun are garnering a lot of mileage and crowd. On April 3, Varun is organizing a rally in Bansi in Siddhartha Nagar, adjoining Gorakhpur and Basti, where Sushma Swaraj is the chief guest. Raja Bansi and Jai Pratap Singh, who are close to Varun, are working day and night to make the rally successful. Varun is out of India for the first time since he got married and is set to return to India on March 31 by the night flight of British Airways. Meanwhile, his people are set to raise him to bigger heights.

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