Return of the socialist

February 07 2010

It has been the netaji’s homecoming. No sooner did Amar leave, Mulayam’s old socialism arose. When Mulayam was completely immersed in Amar’s colour, then wily-nilly the corporate culture had also got the better of him. Someone who had traversed the path of his political ambitions in dirty and dishevelled kurta and pyjama, Mulayam had in the recent past begun changing his clothes four to five times a day. And his affection for old friends had changed long back. But now netaji has started remembering his old time socialist friends one by one. Recently in the condolence meeting for Janeshwar Mishra, Mulayam’s son Akhilesh Yadav was seen in close proximity to K.C. Tyagi. It has been heard that Mulayam Singh would be attending with his entourage the marriage of K.C. Tyagi’s son on February 6.

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