Left heads rightward

April 04 2010

Recently CPI(M) Polit Buro’s two-day meeting was convened in Delhi but nothing appears to be going right for the Left. So the two-day’s programme was completed in a single day. Most of the big leaders who had been invited did not turn up. Those who came are no longer crowd pullers. Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya did not come and
while the red CM of Tripura Manik Sarkar did turn up, it was only to show his face; he left after a very short stay. Despite Prakash Karat’s presence, Sitaram Yechury also made a quick exit saying he had to catch a flight for delivering a lecture at Columbia University. The
topic of the meeting was “Future of the Left’’, but Yechury was more keen on speaking in the far off America. Along with Yechury, Communist political scientist Prabhat Patnaik is also leaving. When the Left appears to be headed to becoming a thing of the past in West Bengal,
its popular leaders are searching for a future in America.

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