Coalgate getting late

September 16 2013

A new FIR is going to be registered soon on the court’s direction on the Coalgate matter. The most surprising thing is that the FIR is going to be against unknown people. This makes it clear that the CBI has almost decided to give a clean chit to the PM and some ministers from the PMO who were feeling the Coalgate heat. According to sources, the FIR is going to be a mere formality and after the FIR is registered, the CBI is preparing a questionnaire to send to some of the officials at the PMO, so that the matter can be quickly taken care of. The files that the CBI had asked from the PMO and the Coal Ministry haven’t been sent until now. The 793 files that the CBI has got from the PMO and the ministry have little to do with the Coalgate scam and are related to matters before the coal blocks were allotted. The committee that the ministry has formed to search the files is also doing little. So much so that sources claim that the committee is going through the file, scouring through them to see if the PMO is in anyway getting into trouble because of them. And the places where the heat threatens to become a fire are being doused with water. Everything possible is being done to keep them safe. If the lost files are really not found, those accused in the Coalgate matter will not get any conviction based solely on the CAG report. The CBI as well as the PMO knows this.

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