A few questions from Mr Lal

July 11 2010

While it may be true that Mr Gadkari in his foolhardiness proclaimed Afzal Guru to be Congress’ son-in-law, but when BJP ruled the country and had groom L K Advani as the home minister, he made one terrible faux pas after another. No one has been able to figure out answers to those yet. Indeed, people must remember that on December 17, 1995, 4.5 tonnes arms and ammunition – which included numerous AK47s, rocket launchers and bullets — was dropped by a AN26 Russian aircraft in Purulia, West Bengal. N one knows what they were for, to this day. When our MIG 21 from the Indian Air Force forced the craft to land in Mumbai, it had five crew members from Latvia, British citizen Peter Bleach, and the mastermind was Kim Davey, alias Nails Christian Nelson. When our investigative agencies were busy questioning them in Mumbai, Kim Davey managed to flee to Kathmandu with his fake passport and a few hundred dollars. From there he flew away to Denmark. India found out about Kim Davey only after he was arrested in Copenhagen in April 2010. Then the home ministry spokesperson announced that Davey will be brought to India under the extradition treaty. But later the UPA government also kept mum about it. The secret that Davey had connections with a few Indian political leaders and the Underworld is for all to know now. The moot point is who would want to save Davey?

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