Forgetful Advani

November 28 2009

What to remember and what to forget, Mr Advani? Now on the path of Atal, getting forgetful, remorseful and complaining. Advani’s core tem believes that the iron man has fallen prey to memory loss or amnesia. Now Advani has started forgetting his phone and meetings too. Be it worker’s convention, public meeting or speech in Parliament, they all sound the same and in this lies the convenience of Advani. What difference does it make if he delivers the speech meant for workers’ meeting in Parliament. If someone goes to meet Advani at his residence, then Advani makes it a point to hand that person an inane item like a letter of a retired IAS officer or a `letter to the editor’. And if perchance you go twice in a day, then this exercise would be repeated. No matter what is written in his praise, he still reads it with tears in his eyes. Old write-ups or letters that have been written in his praise are circulated in the house as if they were the “prasad’’ that is distributed after Satyanarayan Puja. And if by mistake some journalist goes to his house, then handing him some old write-up, Advani advises with humility that he or she should also write in a similar manner. Advani has really forgotten the difference between self-appraisal and self-praise. This definitely is a matter of great concern for BJP.

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