The tricolor on Lal Chowk

January 10 2011

Unlike his previous contemporaries, BJP Party President Nitin Gadkari is a man in hurry. The way state after state reports are coming, it seems that Congress-UPA graph is falling where corruption and inflation is concerned. Naturally, it’s an advantage for the BJP. Gadkari is now asking all the post holders and secretaries for their report cards, according to which the leaders will be graded. The BJP yuva Morcha is totally enthused by it and has decided it will start a march from Kolkata to Srinagar. The march will start from Kolkata on January 12 and finish at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on January 26, the country’s Republic Day. But the state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is not happy with the idea and has warned the party that if they want to see peace in the state, they should cancel the march. But the BJP is not ready to retreat. As it is, the Yuva Morcha’s President Anurag Thakur is a thakur, which means that will never go back on their words, no matter how high the price.

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