Lali’s lows

August 29 2010

The file about Prasar Bharti’s CEO Baljit Singh Lali’s huge financial discrepancies has been with the prime minister since the fourth of this month. The Prasar Bharti Board unearthed the discrepancies in the CEO’s tenure in May 2009, and handed over the matter to the CVC for further investigations. These include giving games rights to Nimbus, not broadcasting T-20 by Doordarshan and are considered to be breaking of the Broadcasting Act. This directly helped the ESPN sports channel. It is also said to have helped the CEO’s lawyer friend. When the matter reached the High Court, the court in its July 27, 2009, ruling, handed over the matter to the CVC. Lali approached the Supreme Court about it but failed to get any relief. The case was sent to the law ministry and it supported the report and the file is now lying with the PMO. Wonder what the prime minister’s take is on the same.

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