In hope of the red signal

June 18 2013

In June-end or beginning of July, there are chances that there may be a reshuffle in Manmohan Singh’s Cabinet. If sources are to be believed, a total of six new ministers may be introduced, of which three may be from the Sonia quota and three from Rahul. After the shocks from Pawan Bansal and Ashvini Kumar, 10, Janpath is wary of people from the Manmohan Singh fold. So it is speculated that Manmohan will not have a say in this reshuffle. Rahul wants to reintroduce several of his reliable people back in the fold. From his quota, the same names are doing the rounds, for instance, Manik Tagore, Meenakshi Natarajan, Raj Babbar, Jyoti Mirdha and so on. Keeping in mind the Assembly elections in six states, including Jharkhand, 10, Janpath, wants to give priority to these states. Which means that there is a strong possibility that the ministers will be from these states. Keeping in mind Rajasthan’s importance, CP Joshi may be made the new Railways Minister.

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