Many hats in the ring

December 23 2009

In this Parliament session, those aspiring for the post of Governor
were seen spending most of their time chatting or lobbying while
sitting or moving around the Central Hall. The pulse of the weather
tells us that in the days to come the States of some of the Governors
could be changed. There are also some Governors who have the
responsibility of two States with them. So, now the time has come for
announcement of the names of some new Governors too. The Congress high
command believes that N.D. Tiwari while being in the Andhra Pradesh
Raj Bhawan failed to find a commonly acceptable political solution to
the vexed Telangana issue. So N.D. Tiwari can be shifted to some other
State. Shivraj Patil’s tenure as Rajya Sabha MP is coming to an end
and so he too could be elevated. Prime Minister’s secretary T.K.A.
Nair has also joined the race for the post of Governor. The names of
Santosh Mohan Deo, Padmanabaiah and Shivraj Patil are coming forward
for the post of Governor of Punjab. Former Defence Secretary Shekhar
Dutt is a close relative of Sonia’s favourite Pulak Chatterjee and he
too has entered the race for Governor. In such a scenario, the problem
before the Government is serious, who all should be elevated.

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