Lalit needs friends

May 18 2010

If Lalit Modi is to wash clean the stains of suspension then he would have to muster the support of at least 10 of the 30 BCCI members. But for the time being Modi appears to be in trouble. He is also not being able to get the support of BJP ruled States. Anurag Thakur from Himachal and Arun Jaitley from Delhi have shown him their thumbs. Narendra Modi is also walking away from Lalit Modi. So in the end Modi only appears to be getting the support of I.S. Bindra of Punjab Cricket Association. Bindra, as it is, is an old time ally of Modi and during his IPL reign if Modi had to settle scores with someone all he
needed to do was to needle Bindra and then Bindra used to take the cudgels on his behalf.

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