Robert manages to hurt

August 17 2013

The son-in-law of Gandhi family Robert Vadra knew very well what all is going to happen in the Parliament and on the roads in the next few days. So three days before the Monsoon Session in the Parliament had started, he took a British Airways flight to London with his reliable associate R K Gupta. While news from his alleged land deals became headlines in Banana Republic, a name he gave to India, the prosperous son-in-law of the big family remained oblivious to all this and was concerned with it. He managed to run his business efficiently from London. He arrived in Paris on August 13, and he is in no hurry to return back to his country. The Opposition is also in no mood to let him off lightly this time; at least the BJP wants to make is a big issue in the next Lok Sabha elections. Sources reveal that Modi has documents from two more deals, and details of the same will be revealed in the next few days. The Gandhi family, too, is worried this time and is wondering how to take care of this worry.

  1. Gupta Says:

    Do you mean Mr Narendra Modi has some documents? May be some more gossip will elaborate. Thanks,

  2. Vilas Kamalakar Tamhane Says:

    Why in the ocean of corruption we say a glass of water is salty?

  3. MG Says:

    So the CBI will file a new case against Modi in the next few days. Let me get some popcorn.

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