A movie on Reddy’s political knowledge

September 19 2010

BJP’s problems with Karnataka just don’t seem to end. The state’s chief minister Yedurappa is caught in a clash with his own two party members. These two are the Reddy brothers from Bellary, who have been in the news recently. One Shobha, who is close to Yedurappa and has been a minister in the east, believes that she had to leave her post mid-session only because of the Reddy brothers. Needless to say, she’s not letting any chance go to run them down. So, with a sign from the chief minister, and with a huge sum of money, a popular journalist in Mumbai has been given a neat sum of money to make a film against the Reddy brothers. This film will soon be shown in the auditorium at Indian International Centre or Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi soon. Is the first show of this Karnataka movie being filmed in Delhi because Yedurappa wants to show the mirror to the BJP top brass? But Reddy brothers are not someone to keep quiet. Surely, they will have something up their sleeves, too.

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