Rudy’s on cloud nine

July 29 2013

Ever since BJP’s vociferous leader Rajiv Prasad Rudy has got the responsibility of Maharashtra, his feet refuse to touch the ground. For Maharashtra BJP leaders, it is a common complaint that whenever Rudy comes to Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, he takes part in the party programmes, but no one knows where he goes after that. The party people don’t even know where he stays, or they could have met him and made a case of what they had to say. But those with deep pockets in Mumbai have no problem in reaching Rudy. For instance, a few days ago, Reliance supremo Mukesh Ambani’s cousin brother Nikhil Meswani organised a big party for Rudy at his residence. Several big industrialists were seen at the party, and Rudy was seen talking to them in a friendly way.

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