Dinner diplomacy

May 26 2010

On the occasion of UPA-II completing its first year, the Prime Minister will be hosting a grand dinner for his alliance parties on May 22. But the biggest concern of the PMO is about Mamta Banerjee.
She has the maximum number of MPs among the alliance partners in the UPA and clearly her dreams, politics and expectations are also equally big. She has already fallen out with the Congress in the civic
elections of Kolkata. So ever since the PMO learnt that Mamta won’t be attending the dinner, the most important agenda on Dr. Manmohan Singh political menu has been to make the annoyed `didi’ come around. So a Bengali officer in the PMO, Jaideep, has been given the charge of pacifying her. Jaideep is close to Mamta and is on good terms with her. This Bengali officer told Mamta that if Trinamool would boycott this dinner of the Prime Mnister then it would send a wrong message to the other constituent parties of the UPA. So `didi’ has now understood and while she may not attend the dinner herself, but one of her ministers of state Dinesh Trivedi could represent Trinamool in this dinner.

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