Sudarshan lost his way

August 07 2012

Former Sangh head and 82-year-old K S Sudarshan, who is currently living in Mysore with his brother, left his house like every other day at 5.30 am for his morning walk and lost his way. He was about four km from home and kept wandering around in a locality there. Tired, he sat under a tree adjoining a mosque and was grumbling when a young man who worked for a courier company noticed him and took him home with the help of his mother. The man gave him some water and some buttermilk to drink, after which Sudarshan ji slept off. Around noon, the man saw the news of former Sangh head going missing on a Kannada channel and he called up and told them Sudarshan was at his home. It was then that people found out that Sudarshan ji is suffering from dementia, which leads to people forgetting things about themselves.

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