Sonia disappointed with Rahul

December 01 2013

With time, Congress supremo may have learnt to read and understand the changing political emotions and circumstances, but she is disappointed in things for a few days, primarily for two reasons. One, she can see her health not letting her campaign for the coming elections because of which the election managers have had to curtail her election rallies that the five states that are due to see Assembly elections soon. At the same time, as a mother and as someone leading a party, she worries about her son and party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. The way people got up and started to go at Rahul’s election rallies at Jodhpur and Delhi, the way they didn’t stay despite persuasions is something that is eating at Sonia. When a close friend of her late husband Rajiv Gandhi went to meet her, she got really emotional and told him what was on her mind that Rahul just wasn’t “clicking” despite repeated efforts. Sonia wanted to know from her husband’s friend what was lacking in the Congress’ strategy when it came to projecting Rahul. It is believed that Sonia has also shown displeasure with the coterie that seems to surround Rahul at all times. If the election results in the five states are not according to Sonia’s expectations, something is bound to change – either the command or Rahul’s mandali.

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