Who is Rahul’s political guru?

November 11 2013

Can you guess who the political guru of Congress crown prince Rahul Gandhi is? He is Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kwon Yew, also known as LKY, who is also known for his generous, progressive and revolutionary ideas. Rahul goes to meet his guru regularly in Singapore. Rahul has learnt the philosophy of idealism and clean politics from him. He is serious about it and is considering how the Lee Kwon Model can be adapted to Indian administration. It is worth mentioning here that after Raphael, the credit to modernise Singapore to what it is goes to Lee Kwon. This is also the reason he is called “Father of Singapore”. Lee Kwon has been the prime minister for three terms and has been instrumental in advocating ideas. For instance, he is one of the few international leaders in the world who have advocated the rights for homosexuals. Lee Kwon studied law from Fitzwilliam College and got double first-class honours from Cambridge. He was also in London School of Economics for some time. He started his political innings from London and took care of the campaign of one of his friends in the Labour Party. He then felt he needed to do something for his own country and returned to Singapore forever. In 1954, he formed a Socialist party called People’s Action Party (PAP). Today, his son Lee Kwon’s son Lee Hsien Loong is the prime minister and has been at the helm of things since 2004. Rahul not only goes to Singapore to meet Lee Kwon, he is in constant touch with him though phone, mail and Skype and takes his guru’s opinion on every significant matter.

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