In the footsteps of Rahul

January 13 2010

Apart from Sonia and Congress activists, regional satraps like Lalu
and Mulayam are also keeping an eye on the activities of Rahul Gandhi.
Another Yadav leader, Sharad Yadav, is not in favour of taking Rahul
so seriously. But Mulayam, who is facing the outcome of the Amar
episode, called his son Akhilesh and advised him to watch out for
Rahul’s activities and in the way Rahul has spent so much time on
Youth Congress and NSUI to breathe new life into the Congress, Mulayam
wants that Akhilesh too should strive hard to strengthen the party’s
youth wing. Lalu is surprised at the Congress performance in
Jharkhand. Six months ago the political observers were predicting a
wipe out for the Congress in Jharkhand and when the mist cleared
following these elections, the Congress was pleased as punch with its
performance in the Jharkhand elections.

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